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Slashing the Mythbusters
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Okay, big warning here! THIS IS A SLASH GROUP. THERE IS HOMOSEXUAL (M/M) RELATED MATERIAL HERE, HENCE THE WORD 'SLASH'. If you have issues with that, try over at mythbusters, an equally awsome general Mythbusters group. :)

This is the only group I know of dedicated solely to providing a slash friendly environment for the Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters! Here you will find (and are encouraged to post!) photos, discussion and fanfiction of a homosexual nature featuring our hosts, Jamie and Adam.

Please note, this group makes absolutely no claims to personally know either of these men... nor do we know (or care) if they are straight or not. ALL adult (R or higher for smut, graphic violence, etc) content is to be placed behind a cut tag (feel free to ask for help if you don't know how to do that) to make this community a little more friendly for the slash loving - but underage - among us.

I figure this group will probably stay pretty small, and I'm cool with that! :) As of right now it is completely unmoderated, but I have no issues with going to a moderated format should there be problems. :)

Okay, that said... please also join the Yahoo group (link above) for more conversation! And, post, intro yourself, have a good time.

- afullmargin, your community owner