January 25th, 2008


The Final Chapter

Title:  Saw Blade, Part 12:  The Final Chapter
Pairings:  Jamie/Adam, Tory/Kari, Grant/Sara, you know the drill...
Rating:  R

Synopsis:  Jamie comes home from the hospital.  Tory tries to figure out where his heart truly lies while Kari struggles with her affections.  Adam tells Jamie about the first time he fell in love with him, and the crew is treated to a spectacular surprise at the "first ever Discovery Channel Convention."

Fun teaser lines:

“Wait, the donkey show?  You fell in love with me during a donkey show?”

Les called Bear Grylls a quack and Bear punched him in the face.  Les won the fight with a swift kick to the balls. 

“Grandpa Hynie-man!  Let’s go—to the bat mobile!” 

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Comments are loved.  I have a new story I'm working on, it's Tory/Grant fiction...might make the first post today if I'm really bored at work.

Trail Blazers

I requested a new challenge bunny, I got it.  Here we go.

Title:  Trail Blazers (Chapter 1:  G-Force)
Pairing:  Tory/Grant
Rating:  PG-13
Synopsis:  Filming the bra shopping scene for the myth was a bit more complicated for Tory and Grant than they anticipated.  After both realize that there is something new between them, Grant ignores and resists, while Tory struggles with how to deal with this growing problem.

Written all from Tory's perspective.  A new type of writing for me.

Enjoy and comment!

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